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Refrigerator Repair

Brooklyn AC and Appliance Repair

Our duty is to provide refrigerator repair and service for different brands and models available in New York and its neighboring environments. When you discover that your refrigerator has problems, do not be discouraged to pick up your phone and call:

(877) 614-1616

Considering our years of experience and technical capabilities, you will never be disappointed. We will try our utmost best to restore your fridge back to normal, the best part is that we also offer an ice machine repair. Our office runs 24/7 in order to promptly meet the needs of our highly valued New York customer’s tight schedules. Also do not forget that we also sell refrigerator parts in case you require any of its parts for replacement.

Listed below are some of the brands and models of refrigerator that we based our service and repair upon:

Kenmore Fedders GE
Whirlpool Kitchen Aid Bosch
Magic Chef Admiral Maytag
Sub Zero Montgomery Wards And much more!

All the information written here will certainly help your management of your refrigerator and with this reason you will know how to maximize the usage of your refrigerator in an effective way. If you can do this, you will save yourself some utility bills and give your refrigerator a long life of efficiency.


This page is just to educate you and give you the maximum precautions of how to maintain your refrigerator. It is very important to reach out to the experts whenever you are experiencing any problems with your refrigerator, because they are in the best position to guide and direct you on what to do without causing any harm to you and your home. Refrigerator repair must involve professional training, and people fully experienced in the gas and electric systems. It can be something as simple as an industrial washer. For you to carry out any service and repair on your own without adequate knowledge on refrigerator service and repair could be highly dangerous. If you need any professional assistance for your refrigerator service and repair, do not hesitate to call:

(877) 614-1616

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